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- Assets Packager Cracked 2022 Latest Version- Assets Packager- Packager- PackagerMonday, 15 November 2009While most of the people are disappointed that Oracle dropped their claims against Google, I'm pretty excited about it. It makes the Java-to-SWF compiler obsolete, and removes the conditional compilation from FlashDevelop.I think the reason why Oracle dropped the claims was probably motivated by the release of 'Flash Media Server Mobile'. The streaming player would be an alternative to Adobe's Air. Even if it only works on Windows Mobile (however the one that I have is a Symbian phone with Windows Mobile), this is something Oracle needed to counter.Another reason I think it might have been droped is that it removed the independence between Flash and Java. With Java and the new Actionscript 3, Java developers would be able to create applications for Apple, Windows, Linux, Symbian and even mobile platforms (via Android and AIR) without any extra coding. Just test them on Java and deploy them with Flash.But there's still hope that Oracle will continue the fight against Google. According to the Phoronix, there is a boycott planned on Google, which is pretty good!Wednesday, 10 November 2009Only hours after Adobe released FlashDevelop 4.5.1, a new beta is available for testers. There are two important new features in this release. One of them allows for automated SWF packaging. Another one focuses on the new target location in FlashDevelop 4.5.Packaging AutomationIn the past, FlashDevelop had a SWF Packager that uses the default SWF as an entry point. When packaging multiple SWF files into a single SWC or SWF, the SWF Packager could not take proper advantage of the packaging capability and always created a new instance of the SWF. The new feature in FlashDevelop 4.5.1 allows you to create an SWF packager, whose target is the SWF file you want to package. You also have a new menu item under the Plugins submenu to create and open an SWF Packager.You can also build an SWF Packager using FlashDevelop's 'Packager from template' feature. In the background, the code analyzer in FlashDevelop tells you that some code is needed that is not there. Just put the SWF into your assets folder and you have your packager.Target LocationFlashDevelop's target location feature allows you to have 08929e5ed8

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